Where can I find a loan with fast payouts?

Many borrowers value quick payouts when choosing a loan. A quick processing of the credit request is particularly important if a short-term special offer is to be used. A credit with a fast payout is particularly suitable for such cases. In many cases, loans from direct banks that can be applied for via the Internet offer particularly timely processing.

Compare offers first

Compare offers first

Even if you are looking for a loan with a fast payout, you should take the time to do a detailed loan comparison. Depending on the loan amount required, even small differences in the interest rate can have a major impact on the cost of the loan. Borrowers should therefore always keep an eye on the APR. In addition to the interest, this already includes the processing fees and thus provides information about the total cost of a loan. With an online loan comparison, interested parties can get a quick overview of the available loan offers.

A large number of Internet portals provide a corresponding loan calculator. In this you simply enter the required amount and the desired term. The calculator compares the current offers from the various banks and calculates the monthly rate for each one. After the comparison, it is possible to apply for the desired loan directly online. This means that a loan with a fast payment is possible at any time.

That’s how many loan offers you get


  • Get 1-2 bank offers 22.38% of our customers
    Get 3-4 bank offers 27.80% of our customers
    Get 5-6 banking offers 24.17% of our customers
    Get 7 banking offers 25.65% of our customers

Processing time

Processing time

After the loan request has been placed online, most banks conduct a preliminary review of the request. Within a few minutes, the borrower receives a message as to whether the loan can be approved. Although this is only of a preliminary nature, if all information has been provided correctly, it is very likely that you can rely on it. However, it is not possible to complete the application for the loan online.

Credit agreements may only be concluded in Germany against a signature. It is therefore necessary to print out and sign the loan documents and send them to the bank together with the required documents. Upon receipt, the bank carries out a final credit check and, if the check is positive, transfers the money immediately to the borrower’s checking account. Depending on the duration of the mailing, a loan with a fast payment is possible within 24-48 hours.

Does credit protection make sense?

Most banks also offer suitable residual debt insurance for a loan with a fast payout. The borrower can optionally complete this. Depending on the tariff chosen, a residual debt insurance offers protection in the event of long-term sickness or incapacity for work. If the insured event occurs, the residual debt insurance pays the monthly installments. If the borrower dies, the remaining amount of the loan is replaced by the insurance.

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